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The Human Elephant Foundation is a visionary and collaborative organisation that initiates, co-ordinates and facilitates discussion and fundraising in support of elephant conservation in Africa.

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The Human Elephant Foundation’s mandate is to raise funds for suitable projects and implementing organisations, specifically for elephant conservation in Africa. Our projects and interventions include corridors, game reserves elephant art, and helping resolve human elephant conflict.

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The elephant, both powerful and vulnerable, is a poignant metaphor for all nature and this majestic creature and unless new elephant frontiers can be found through the re-wilding of vast areas in Africa, the elephant will undoubtedly disappear from the landscape within 20-30 years from now.

This is what brought Andries Botha and John Charter together to form the Human Elephant Foundation(HEF) in 2009. The Trusts first step was to create a number of life size elephants to be placed strategically at various points of the globe to create awareness for the need for elephant conservation, however the time is now at hand to be far more involved in the process of actively checking and rectifying the elephant problem.

We are all connected


The elephant is a metaphor that awakens the yearning for forgotten conversations between humans, the earth and all living things.

As part of nature, we coexist with the elephant, other creatures, the land, the sea and the sky. What happens to one affects the other.


The elephant represent the world of nature from which we have removed ourselves and for which we increasingly yearn.

The elephant is the largest land mammal and as such the most portentous symbol of the threat that our expanding industrial and commercial development represents to all forms of life. The elephant is enormously strong and powerful yet also frighteningly vulnerable. It offers a poignant and timely metaphor to contemplate issues of co-existence and how we now need to live.

Title: Wounded Elephant Artist: Andries Botha


Elephants play an important role in the environment and in the archetypal consciousness of human beings, which no doubt accounts for the great attraction that humans invariably feel towards elephants.


Loziba Wildlife Reserve

Recently, and as part of this more active role and with the help of one of its primary benefactors, the Charles James Lilleshall (CJL) Family Trust based in Durban, HEF has acquired a farm in Zululand, which is to be the catalytic start of the formation of a game reserve called Loziba Wildlife Reserve


Friends of the Human Elephant Foundation

We require urgent support to assist us in the endeavour to bring about the Loziba Wildlife Reserve project, as well as realising other significant elephant conservation needs throughout Africa. These include corridor and game reserve development, human – elephant conflict resolution, education and awareness through art.

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