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We are all connected


The elephant is a metaphor that awakens the yearning for forgotten conversations between humans, the earth and all living things.

As part of nature, we coexist with the elephant, other creatures, the land, the sea and the sky. What happens to one affects the other.

A technologically driven consumerist world has served to disconnect us from our underlying relationship with the natural world. Selfish interests have destroyed the very nature on which our lives depend.

To remember these vital connections requires collaborative conversations that bring about a more supportive relationship with a planet in crisis. The Human Elephant Foundation exists to try to ignite and perpetrate those conversations leading to funded,tangible and workable projects as a result.

HEF aims to encourage every person to do something meaningful about elephant conservation. This can be something small at home, or a major global solution. Something personal or something collaborative. Whatever it is, it should be life affirming, and it should be a worthy legacy to leave the next generation.

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