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The elephant represent the world of nature from which we have removed ourselves and for which we increasingly yearn.

The elephant is the largest land mammal and as such the most portentous symbol of the threat that our expanding industrial and commercial development represents to all forms of life. The elephant is enormously strong and powerful yet also frighteningly vulnerable. It offers a poignant and timely metaphor to contemplate issues of co-existence and how we now need to live.

Elephants and human beings share many well documented characteristics and traits. They have a highly developed sensibility, a deep-rooted family orientation and similar emotional responses to man.

As the world becomes increasingly populated and territorial, threats to both elephants and humans increase. Elephants’ ability to use both current experience and memory increase the chances for survival of the herd. Humans have lost touch with a collective consciousness and way of life.

To develop new ways of thinking, we have to re-engage our rational thought process with our forgotten intuitive sensibilities.

Ancient elephant paths have provided the map for later human migration, both literally and figuratively, as humans have migrated to new lands for survival or for what they see as a better life. ~Ian Player

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